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Hydraulic Cylinder Products

Great Bend Industries specializes in unique designs, and short runs of hydraulic cylinders.  Their products range from 2.00’ through 13.50” bore and strokes out to 720”.  Virtually every feature used in hydraulic cylinders is available through their highly qualified Engineering staff. 

These features include: Mounts – pinhole, pin tube, tang, clevis, threaded, and trunnion;  Integrated counterbalance valves;  Special corrosion resistant rod platings;  Chromed bores;  single- or double acting;  Single- or multi-stage;  Low temperature seals;  End of stroke cushioning;  Linear position sensing with feedback;  Bolted or threaded heads;  Pressures up to 10,000 psi;  Double rod ended;  Custom designed or built to your drawings.

Hydraulic Cylinder Types